Upper Elementary

4th through 6th Grade

Upper Elementary Program

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Our Upper Elementary program includes our same approach to genuine, authentic Montessori education for children in 4th through 6th grade. As children begin to complete the second plane of development, they focus on constructing themselves as individuals.  They begin to analyze their values and have a keen interest in culture, history, science, and especially their place in this beautiful world.  In our tight-knit, family-like Upper Elementary program, children have the freedom to explore not only the world around them but who they are as individuals and what they have to offer the world.  They are supported by an expert Guide, who facilitates deep conversation and encourages students to find answers to the questions they pose.

Maria Montessori perfectly explains the final years of the second plane of development.  Montessori explains, “The task of teaching becomes easy, since we do not need to choose what we shall teach, but should place all before him for the satisfaction of his mental appetite.  He must have absolute freedom of choice, and then he requires nothing but repeated experiences which will become increasingly marked by interest and serious attention, during his acquisition of some desired knowledge.”

At MMA, we have carefully prepared our classrooms with a curriculum to honor this developmental plane while giving the child a well-balanced academic diet. Children in upper elementary build on the foundation built in lower elementary, learning to master increasingly complex concepts. Each student receives individualized instruction in all subjects, ensuring a well-rounded and rich education.  Areas of focus in the Upper Elementary class include:

  • Reading (Reading is completely integrated into the classroom curriculum at this level, and is treated as a tool rather than a “subject”)
  • Language Arts and Grammar
  • Mathematics & Geometry
  • Social Studies, History as well as Geography
  • Foreign Language
  • Science/Nature Studies including Botany & Zoology
  • Music & Art:  Musical instruments are introduced such as the recorder or piano.
Upper Elementary is offered at our:

Our Elementary Community

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Our community-based programs, founded in an authentic Montessori method, offer the perfect environment for your child to discover their inner passion for learning, deep focus, and self-sufficiency.


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