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Midtown Montessori Uniforms & Dress Code

Uniforms are a staple in private education and in Montessori classrooms across the globe.  Midtown Montessori Academy will be implementing a school uniform and dress code in 2020.

At our North Denver campus, Midtown Montessori Academy at Midtown, a dress code will be enforced starting in the Fall, for the 2020-2021 school year.  In preparation for this change, we will begin a voluntary dress code beginning January 2020.  This transitional period gives Infant and Toddler parents time to prepare and Primary parents the opportunity to acquire uniform pieces gradually, prior to the full roll-out in August.

At our West Denver campus, Midtown Montessori at Sloan’s Lake, uniforms and an age appropriate dress code will be implemented beginning Spring 2020.  All students enrolling for the 2020-2021 school year will be required to wear the uniform or adhere to the dress code.  This includes all grade levels.

Each of our communities, Infant Nido to Elementary, will have an age appropriate “Dress Code” or “Uniform Policy”.  Children in our Nido and Toddler communities will be asked to follow a Montessori-friendly dress code.  While they are not as rigid as our Primary and Elementary guidelines, these specifications have been asked to help support your child’s growing independence and autonomy.  Beginning in infancy, we ask you to partner with us to support freedom of movement for your growing baby in our Nido.  From there, we work to create a multitude of opportunities for self-dressing in our Toddler Program, in addition to helping your child understand the importance of “school clothes” and support your child as they establish their developing sense of order.  In our Primary and Elementary program, we offer a vast range of options – including a wide range of uniform pieces, in addition to a school dress code – that support a child’s ability to dress for their day at home and arrive at school ready to learn!

Why Uniforms?

At Midtown Montessori Academy, we believe children should shine from the inside, not the outside!  When considering uniforms, consider that a well outlined dress code and wardrobe are not only helpful for the students, but also the parents and teachers.

Uniforms and Dress Codes help to reduce the number of distractions in the classroom and eliminate superficial competitions between students.  By removing some of the distractions caused by clothing, we free the child’s mind to focus on their classroom activities and help to support the development of their inner-self (rather than their outer-self!).  Children are encouraged to show their individuality not through what they wear, but rather their actions, efforts, and personality.  Lastly, a dress code and/or uniforms help children prepare for their day while dressing, putting them in a “school” frame of mind.

How do uniforms support the Montessori pedagogy?

Perhaps the most important reason Montessori schools choose uniforms is that uniforms encourage independence for the student!  This includes independence at home and at school.  At home, a child has the freedom to choose what they wear to school independently.  They know which clothes are school clothes and which are home clothes, reducing stressful morning conversations around what they can and can’t wear.  Children can choose their clothing independently and make choices within pre-determined guidelines – this is truly “freedom within limits” at work!

Additionally, our uniforms have been specifically chosen to support independence in self-dressing.  They are simple in design and have been selected for each classroom to support each child’s ability at their age.  In our Infant and Toddler program, pants have been selected that have an elastic waist, to support toilet learning and easy-to-manage dressing.

Finally, uniforms support the Montessori pedagogy by creating a space of beauty and order.  These two components are fundamental elements in the Montessori approach.  Uniforms are appealing to the eye and create an expected order to the child’s environment!

Where do I purchase Midtown Montessori Academy’s uniform?

MMA has two vendors it uses for school uniforms!

  • The first is French Toast Uniforms. This retailer is known for their affordable uniform pieces and wide selection.  Their pieces are no more expensive that Target, Carters, The Children’s Place, or Kohl’s and are comparable in quality.  Please plan for a little more shrinkage and wear, as French Toast pieces are less durable than our other vendor.
  • Lands’ End School is our second vendor! While a little more expensive, their pieces are known for their quality and parent friendly return policy (even on embroidered items!).

While we are still finalizing our final “School Stores,” parents can browse the various options available on both sites.  An announcement will be made when stores have been finalized.

http://www.frenchtoast.com/ http://landsend.com/
CODE: QS5ZCEF CODE: 900192972


Don’t want to purchase “uniform” pieces?

No problem!  Families are not required to purchase uniform pieces from one of our vendors.  While encouraged, uniforms are an optional addition to the Dress Code.  Children in Primary and Elementary have the choice to follow the school Dress Code (available below), if a uniform is not desired.

Please see the Parent Handbook (or the Uniform/Dress Code Policy found below) for a full explanation of the uniform dress code.

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