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Enrollment Process

Midtown Montessori Academy accepts applications year-round.  A completed Application for Enrollment, accompanied by a non-refundable Application Fee of $100, is required for a student to be considered for enrollment.  One application is required for each student seeking enrollment and will apply for consideration of any chosen campus. NOTE: The Application Fee will be waived for Elementary (1st-6th grade) applicants received between January 1, 2021 and May 31, 2021.

After a completed application has been received, parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted to attend an Application Review Meeting with our Director of Admissions.  At this meeting, parent(s) or guardian(s) have the opportunity to ask additional questions, tour the school if they have yet to do so, and discuss enrollment timelines.  This meeting is a part of the application process.  Elementary Students applying for Financial Aid can do so after submitting an Application for Enrollment.

Our school year begins in August of each year.  At all of our campuses, the Infant (Nido) and Toddler programs follow a 12-month, year-round calendar.  Families enrolled in our Primary program have the choice of a 12-month year-round calendar or a 10-month school year.  Primary Students enrolled in a 12-month, year-round contract will keep the same hours/schedule through the summer months and will be billed two additional installments for June and July.   Meanwhile, our Elementary students follow a 10-month school year calendar, with the option to attend MMA hosted Summer Camps, if desired.

Beginning in February of each year, existing students will re-enroll for the following school year.  Existing students will have priority for placement for the next school year.  Once existing students are placed, final enrollment availability is determined, and new applications will be evaluated.

Available spaces are filled based on the date the completed application was received, with respect to the following considerations:

  • Children with siblings currently enrolled at Midtown Montessori Academy are given first preference.
  • Placement is dependent on maintaining a balanced classroom in regards to age, gender, and previous Montessori experience.
  • If there is no space available, children will be placed on a waitlist and admitted as openings occur.

In March and April, Applications for Enrollment will be reviewed and selected.  When a spot is offered, families will be given 3 business days to accept or decline the Enrollment Offer.  If an Enrollment Offer is accepted, a non-refundable Enrollment Fee is due within 48 hours of the invoice to solidify enrollment.  The one-time Enrollment Fee is 50% of a student’s total monthly tuition.

A select number of Elementary enrollment options are held each year specifically for students awarded Financial Aid.  Students awarded financial aid may receive aid to cover fees associated with enrollment.  Assistance amounts vary per child in accordance with their Financial Aid package.

Before your child is formally enrolled in our program, you must ensure that you have completed the following:

  1. Received a letter of acceptance for the current school year
  2. Completed the application and submitted payment of the non-refundable registration fee (due only once a guaranteed space is available)
  3. Completed the required enrollment forms.

Once all enrollment positions have been awarded for any given school year, remaining applications will be placed on a rolling waitlist. Waitlisted families will be notified when enrollment has been completed for the school year.

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